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These Terms and Conditions takes effect on the date of the first invoice received by the Client and the deposit, as outlined in the Payment Policy, is received by Southbound Tours.

Southbound Tours acts as an intermediary or “Booking Agent” for products and services not directly supplied by SBT (e.g., transportation, accommodations, meals, activities). 

Southbound Tours’s role as an intermediary is limited to facilitating the client’s bookings, arranging payments, and applicable refunds for travel services.

Any person making a reservation accepts the terms and conditions outlined.

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Booking and Payment

The person making a reservation warrants the authority to accept the terms and conditions on behalf of all individuals included in the booking. This person is liable for the total amount incurred by Southbound Tours.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm any reservation. Full deposit is required to reserve and secure the booking(s).Certain third-party services may require a higher deposit, as indicated on the quote and invoice. 

The remaining balance is payable within 60 days prior to arrival. 

Late payments incur a 20% per annum interest on the balance due from the due date until the final payment date.

The Client is responsible for transfer fees. Failure to make timely payments allows SBT to cancel bookings and hold the client liable for cancellation charges.

Invoices in foreign currencies must be paid by the specified date. Late payments require a new invoice due to currency fluctuations. Credit card payments incur an additional 3.5% charge.

Banking Details should be used as per the quotation or invoice.

Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellations must be in writing and are effective upon Southbound Tours’s written acknowledgment. Cancellation fees are determined by suppliers and include the 25% non-refundable deposit.

2.  All lodges and services providers have their own cancellation policies, and therefore SBT can’t refund more than the lodges or service providers, regardless of the standard cancellation policy below. The date on which SBT receives and acknowledges the cancellation correspondence will subsequently determine the cancellation fees and the costs expressed as a percentage of the full costs as follows:

a) More than 60 days’ notice: Cancellation fees as charged by suppliers plus the 25% non-refundable deposit;

b) 50% retained for 60-45 days’ notice;

c) 75% retained for 46-31 days’ notice;

d) 100% retained for 30 days or less notice.

3. Special conditions may apply with a doctor’s or death certificate.

4. Individual cancellations in group bookings may result in additional or increased fees for the remaining parties.

5. No refund for no-show or unused services.

6. Southbound Tours may cancel a booking without liability in case of illness or illegal behavior.


Southbound Tours reserves the right to change itineraries due to unforeseen circumstances beyond its control.

Quotes are based on provided information; Southbound Tours may adjust costs if rates/prices increase more than 3%.

Southbound Tours may cancel due to late payment, offering alternative bookings or a refund.

Southbound Tours may cancel a tour without notice, refunding all funds. Changes by the client may incur charges.

While it’s possible to deviate from the planned itinerary, any extra expenses are the client’s responsibility, and no refunds for unused services are provided. Amendments and cancellations en-route must be made directly to Southbound Tours.

In case of a vehicle breakdown during a tour, Southbound Tours will expedite repairs and may alter the itinerary. Southbound Tours is not liable for cancellation fees or client time lost due to unforeseen circumstances.

Full Terms and Conditions

Access to our complete Terms and Conditions will be granted once you are in the Southbound Tours booking process. 

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